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Attentions In Impact Crusher Operation

Impact crusher is a kind of very commonly used crushing equipment in mining field. In order to keep the impact crusher in good working condition and ensure its high efficiency, there are several factors operator should pay attention to in the impact crusher operation. In this article, we mainly talk about the attentions in impact crusher operation process.

Attentions In Impact Crusher Operation

a. Impact crusher should be started idling. If not, the load of motor will increase, causing the starting current too large or even burn the motor. If the impact crusher has double rotor, we should start them separately. Start the secondary rotor first and then start the primary rotor.

b. The raw materials fed into the crushing cavity should be as evenly as possible in the length direction of rotor. If not, it will accelerate the damage of blow bar and impact plate and also the production rate of impact crusher will reduce. The feeding quantity should also even to avoid the overload of blow bar, leading the unbalance vibration of impact crusher. Since the impact crusher is a kind of equipment with high speed rotation, so the matching feeding equipment is better continuous feeding.

c. The operators mustn’t open the observation port while the impact crusher is running and also avoid getting close to the feed opening.

d. After installation, when operator or adjust the impact plate for the first time, operator should check and make sure there is no stuck or clack of each part. In the operation process, operator should not check the impact plate in order to avoid accident.

e. While the impact crusher is running, operator should pay attention to the temperature of main bearings. If the temperature is higher than allowed, operator should stop the impact crusher immediately and check it. And if the impact crusher vibrates greatly in the working process, operator should also stop the machine and check.

f. The balance of rotor in impact crusher means a lot. In the maintenance of impact crusher, operator should pay attention to the static balance of rotor.

g. For worn impact plate and blow bar, operator should repair or replace them in order to ensure the normal running of impact crusher. For the repaired blow bar, we should also carried out static balance test for the rotor.