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Ball Mill Installation

With the rapid development of mining equipment industry, ball mill has been widely used in grinding various mineral ores. And in the actual operation process of ball mill, there are many factors affect the efficiency and service life of ball mill, among which, the installation of ball mill plays very important role. In this article, we introduce main steps in the installation of ball mill.

Ball Mill Installation

Preparations Before Installation

In order to ensure the installation quality of ball mill, we should do some preparations before officially install the ball mill.

  • Formulate careful installation plan and organization scheme to make sure the smooth of each step in the installation process.
  • Check about the foundation, especially for the surface condition, shape, elevation and so on.
  • Set datum mark and center version according to drawings.
  • Remove the protection on the spare parts. If there are dusts or dirt on the surfaces of spare parts, operators should also remove them.
  • Prepare the tools that need to be used in the installation process.

Main Steps In Ball Mill Installation

Installation Of Pedestal

Firstly, prepare some mounts with different thickness to adjust the flatness. Before installing the pedestal, check carefully if the flatness of pedestal meets requirement. In the installation process, make sure the feed opening is higher than the discharge opening. After tightening the pedestal, check if the whole chassis stays in one horizontal plane.

Installation Of Main Bearing

In order to ensure the excellent contact performance between bearing bushing and bearing journal, we should make sure the axiality of two quill shafts in the installation process. The axial clearance between the two central shafts and bearing bushing at the fixed end should be between 0.5-1mm. at the free end, the axial clearance should be about 1mm.

Installation Of Small Gear

The elevation of small gear seat is decided by the elevation of the main bearing seat. And the installation of large gear is decided by the position of cylinder. If the elevation of the main bearing seat is not conform to the drawings, then the small gear seat should be correspondingly change.