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Cone Crusher Feeding Requirements

The crushing efficiency of cone crusher has direct relation with the feeding device of cone crusher. If the cone crusher feeding is proper, then raw materials will evenly fill the crushing cavity and the cone crusher can reach to high efficiency. But if the raw materials fed into crushing cavity all flow into one side, the production capacity of cone crusher will reduce and the energy consumption will increase. So properly feeding means a lot. In this article, we mainly talk about the raw material feeding requirements in cone crusher.

Cone Crusher Feeding Requirements

Feeding The Raw Materials Properly

The combination of distributor and feed box can help the fully mixed raw materials evenly fill the crushing cavity. And we should make the segregation of coarse material and fine material at the smallest degree, in order to reduce the damage of scale board as much as possible. For both short-head cone crusher and standard cone crusher, it is better that we pre-screen the raw materials in order to separate the fine materials and adhesive raw material out. This not only can avoid the blocking of raw material but also can avoid the over-movement of adjusting ring and the low production efficiency.

Controlling the feeding speed of raw materials also means a lot. Almost all of the raw materials that fall from high height can go through the opening of crushing cavity. And the raw materials fall into the bottom of crushing cavity without crushing process will cause the abnormal jitter of the adjusting ring, leading to the serious damage of contact surface between the frame and adjusting ring.

The Discharge Chamber Or Tundish Should Meet The Requirements In Foundation Drawing

Since the discharge openings are different according to different models, so generally manufacturers do not provide discharge chamber or tundish along with cone crusher. But their structures should meet the requirements of foundation drawing.

The discharge chamber can be made by metal or wood. And there should be an inspection hole on the chamber for cleaning and check the condition inside. If we adopt tundish, then the slope between tundish and horizontal plane should be above 45°.