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Cone Crusher Machine Maintenance

In mineral ore production line, cone crusher will produce some faults. Some faults are caused by the necessary characteristics but some of them can avoid. These faults will appear for less maintenance. Here will introduce the cone crusher machine maintenance works and avoid the machine faults effectively.

Cone Crusher Machine Maintenance Tips

Cone crusher bearing lubrication. In the crushing process of cone crusher machine, it will bear more friction and all kinds of impact force for the high hardness of mineral ore. Bearing is the main part to bear weight in the cone crusher machine and it needs to protect this part and it needs to do the lubrication works. The cone crusher machine has good lubrication system and it adopts the thin oil lubrication. It will take less attention to the lubrication work and it only needs to check the lubrication oil amount before starting the machine. Besides, in the period of machine’s fixed maintenance, it must to clean the other materials in the lubrication system and then add the lubrication oil.

Check the machine parts loose. When the cone crusher break mineral ore materials, the mineral ore is easy to cause damage to the working parts. The parts loose is one of expressions of the machine. It is caused by the impact of mineral ore or is caused by the directly impact on the working parts. Every time before you start the machine, you need to check the working parts loose. If you do not check the loose, the machine will be vibrated when it works. This vibration will make the parts don and have dangerous.

Change wear parts timely. The moving cone board and fixed cone board are the main wear parts of the cone crusher machine. Both of them are directly contacting to the materials. One of the functions of the board is to crush the materials and the other is to protect the parts under board off wear. For these two functions, you need to check regularly the machine’s board wear situation and change the board timely.

Control machine bearing temperature and oil temperature. Cone crusher bearing temperature and oil temperature are over the normal number shows that there are other materials inside the bearings. If the temperature is still high, it needs to stop the machine and check at once.