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Features Of Crushers In Stone Crushing Line

With the development of infrastructure construction, more and more investors set foot in construction material production. And crushers are necessary equipment in stone crushing line for construction material making. Choosing suitable crushers means a lot to customers, so in this article, we mainly talk about commonly used crushers in stone crushing line and their features.

Features Of Crushers In Stone Crushing Line

In the following part, we mainly introduce hammer crusher, jaw crusher, cone crusher and impact crusher and their features.

Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher is generally for primary crushing. It has simple process. But products from hammer crusher contain much powder and have crack, making them have low compression strength. In this case, the quality of final products will be affected.

Jaw Crusher

The advantages of jaw crusher are simple structure, light weight, lower price, convenient to install and maintain. Besides, jaw crusher requires relatively lower factory and has reliable performance, very convenient to adjust the final products size. But the jaw plates of jaw crusher are easy to wear and the final products are not very even.

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is mainly used to crush rocks with high hardness and high abradability. It has large crushing force and stable performance. But the investment capital of cone crusher is relatively larger. And compared with other types of crushers, cone crusher has lower crushing ratio. Its final products may contain much needle-like particles.

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a kind of new crushing equipment with high efficiency. It features small size, simple structure, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large capacity, and evenly final products. Besides, it can crush the raw materials continuously. But the blow bar and impact plate are very easy to wear, especially when crush hard materials, the damage will be more severe and need to be changed frequently.

Customers can consider about the advantages and disadvantages of these crushers and then choose suitable type and model according to own requirements.