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Ultrafine Grinding Mill

It will appear faults in ultrafine grinding mill working process. These faults are caused by the machine’s parts worn, or it is because the other reasons. When one fault appears, it means one loss for clients. Here will introduce the following four tips for clients to avoid the faults.

Four Tips to Avoid Ultrafine Grinding Mill Faults:

Firstly, it needs to do the machine installation site machinery protection work. The protection of machine is to avoid the machine having man-made fault and it will ensure the machine can work normally. The clients need to increase the precaution works to prevent the hard materials entering into the machine inside and causing parts worn.

Secondly, it needs to do the protection work in ultrafine grinding mill working process. This protection refers to the machine’s dust prevention, or wear parts changeable. It is very important to do the dust prevention work. The dust can increase the friction between machine’s wear parts. And it can make the machine parts wear fast. It will reduce the service lifetime of the grinding mill. When you change the wear parts, it is the best to go to the regular factory to fix. When you have the fix, it needs to do well the site protection work to prevent the dust pollution. Change the machine’s wear parts, it need to add the machine after cleaning.

Thirdly, when the machine occurs faults, but you cannot find the reason. You need to stop the machine working and it can prevent the machine becoming worse and causing larger scale fault rate.

At last, for the obviously faults, clients need to stop the machine and check it, such as oil temperature, bearing temperature, machine seriously vibration and so on. The oil temperature is an important index to show the lubrication is normal. When the oil temperature increases, it shows the machine works badly and it needs to fix as soon as possible. When the bearing temperature us high, it may be caused by the bearing pollution. The machine has serious vibration is caused by some reasons and you need to do the prevention work and it can avoid the fault effectively.