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Impact Crusher Machine Adjustment Device

The impact plate screw structure adjustment refers to the PF and PFW first and second impact plate ones. The PF series impact crusher machine adopts the manual adjustment and PFW series impact crusher machine adopts the hydraulic adjustment. The simple operation can make the first and second impact plate has larger or smaller distance with the rotor.

The Third Impact Plate Adjustment

Adjusting the third impact plate refers to: adjusting this step (this is adjusting the space, if you adjust them into larger size please do it on the contrary). Firstly, you need to loosen the adjustment gasket’s fixed screw and then adjust the hydraulic cylinder. It will promote the spring in the machine. This will reduce the space between impact plate and rotor and put the outside gasket into the inner part. And then you can loosen the hydraulic cylinder till the limit the board with the gasket inside.

Space Factory Set Value between Impact Plate and Impact Hammer

The space factory set value has the following detailed number about three main kinds of machines: PFWIII, PFWII and PF. The PFWIII factory set value has: 120mm, 80mm, 60mm. the PFWII factory set value has: 200mm, 80mm and the PF factory set value refers to 60mm and 30mm.

Learning the adjustment device, you need to have a rough understanding of transformation part. This part adopts the efficient narrow v-belt type to transport. Cooperating with the main shaft sheave is adopted the heave tight set of connection. It is easy for packet assembling. A set of impact crusher machine has three sets of heave tight and two sets of bearings. This detailed knowledge may be helpful for the operation and maintenance of impact crusher machine.